At Braxfield, we specialise in permanent and contract roles for property management organisations, housing associations, public bodies, private contractors and consultancy businesses operating within the sector. We source professionals with experience in the full range of disciplines within these organisations: Surveying, repairs & maintenance, asset management, sales, land buyers, valuers, development, health & safety, housing management & corporate services. And we recruit at all levels – from entry-level graduates through to service heads and directors.



We are perfectionists when it comes to resourcing candidates – each one is thoroughly screened and vetted to the required standard – but anyone can tick boxes.  We meet all of our job-seekers first to understand their motivation and get to know them a little better, so when they are presented to you, we are already confident that they will be a good fit for your role.

In addition, we are available to help you with confidential and unbiased advice.  We are here to answer your questions and to make sure you are completely confident and comfortable when it comes to meeting our candidates.  We can also offer tips and advice on what questions to pose during your interview process and what to look for in a new recruit. 



Standing out from the crowd in recruitment can be difficult – everyone promises to deliver a first-class service and outstanding professionalism. That's all very well, but those are just words on a page. What really counts is being able to talk to the same person over weeks and months (and even years!); to build a proper relationship so when you need that important next hire, they've already got the best candidate lined up and ready to go.

Our mission is simple: to be ready and waiting when you need us most.