Delivering sustainable results through traditional recruitment methods and a more engaging customer experience


Braxfield was established out of the belief that as recruitment businesses have evolved in the 21st century, traditional methods and customer values have been lost in a jumble of technology-led solutions and corporate jargon.

As leading recruiters in the property management sectors, we have a track record of success and have developed long-standing relationships through our knowledge and understanding of the sectors.

Because of this, we are recognised as industry experts, have a greater understanding of market trends and can provide all our customers with access to our professional network.

This means less time spent wading through irrelevant jobs or unsuitable applicants.



Our goal is to make a difference. We all have our place in the property management industry. At Braxfield we must ensure that candidates are the right fit for their particular role and that they will be working for a provider or partner that believes in their purposes and supports their employees in delivering it.

We want to play a major part in working with the best employers in our industry and support the evolution of those businesses through the provision of exceptional quality now and assisting in shaping careers for tomorrow.

Recruiters often have a bad reputation - in some cases this is justified, in others it is not. Whilst we can't change the rest of the industry, we can at least make sure that we tell you the truth and follow through on our promises.

If you’re not already part of the Braxfield community, then get in touch today.